Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Like many brides before me, I've been dreaming of my post-wedding chop growing my hair out for the wedding. When Mr. Narwhal and I first met my hair was short and blonde. Shortly before we bought our home, I went back to my natural colour to save money and have since been in the process of growing my hair out.

August 2012/December 2014 also Tan/Pale 

When we got engaged I debated for awhile whether I wanted to keep my natural hair colour for the wedding or venture back to blondehood. Since I was sitting on the fence, I polled some friends and Mr. Narwhal, and in the end blonde won. After two sessions at the salon, I'm pretty happy with the happy medium of blonde I've met and now will just maintain until the wedding. At the six month mark I ended up cutting a couple inches off to clean up my ends, figuring things will grow a little better. Also, because I suck at growing my hair out. Must. Resist. Chopping.

Have you tried Benefit's Roller Lash yet? #PSA / Personal photo 

With my colour and length sorted out, I have been left thinking about how I wanted to style said hair on the wedding day. Since I'm wearing a flower crown, I am pretty limited on what I can do with my hair.

Even though I do end up with my hair up at the end of most days, I don't think I photograph particularly well with my hair up, and almost always wear my hair down when I go to a wedding or any event I would dress up for.

My hair doesn't tend to hold curl very well, so my inspiration for the wedding look has been a light wave, and mostly natural looking. I am definitely not the fancy schmancy updo type.

Does this dress look familiar? / Image from Green Wedding Shoes / Image by Levi Tijerina
Image from Green Wedding Shoes // Image by Carl Zoch
Image from Green Wedding Shoes / Image by Jen Wojcik

Image from Brides / Image by Justin DeMutiis

And to close out this post, I'll share my #PWC inspiration. As a seasonal chopper, it is taking just about everything in me not to pull a Miss Walrus and get a chop before the wedding.

All hail Emma Stone and her glorious hair / Image from Harper's Bazaar 

Are you growing your hair out for your wedding? Are you tempted to cut it all off?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Flowers in Her Hair

I have a vivid childhood memory of attempting to make a flower crown out of dandelions. The idea of putting flowers in my hair was the coolest thing ever. The problem with dandelions is that the weedy glue like juices (getting technical here) that drip out of the stem stain. I remember things taking a turn for the worse when my grandmother got mad at me for completely ruining my white shirt. Flower crown fail.

As I have been focusing on pulling together my bridal look, the one thing I am continuously drawn to is flower crowns (big surprise there I'm sure). I have this weird pull to them and extreme admiration. I also had another sense of apprehension and uncertainty over whether a flower crown was the right choice for me on our wedding day. If I'm being completely honest, I had this fear that I couldn't pull it off. Mr. Narwhal doesn't know whether or not I will have one; however, has predicted that I will.

So, that apprehension eventually led to the decision to let go and just commit to it. I knew that if I didn't go for it, I would always wonder "what if" and regret my decision to play it safe. So, flower crown it is, and inspiration was needed. There are so many different beautiful options out there, so indulge me while I share some of my favourite bridal eye candy.

Image by The Robertson's Photography

Image of Mrs. Archer's Bridal Session / Image by Monstrous Joy Photography

Image from The Natural Wedding Company // Image by The Nichols 

Image of Mrs. Trail Mix / Image by Closed Circle Photography

Image from Chic Vintage Brides // Image by Sarah Gawler

Image from Green Wedding Shoes // Image by Carl Zoch

So much beauty. While you still need to wait awhile before I share what we're doing for our flowers, the flower crown will definitely be in the mix.

What are your thoughts on flower crowns? 

Monday, March 23, 2015

planning a marriage - premarital talks

I find when you read about newlywed life, you tend to get two camps of reflection:

The first year of marriage is the hardest or being married feels the exact same.

When you're engaged a lot of the planning energy goes into the wedding. As we prepare for our wedding, we would like to spend time preparing for our marriage too. I'd like us to fall into the camp where things feel the same, but strengthened after the wedding. I have a few posts planned throughout our engagement that will address how we've been planning and preparing ourselves for the marriage part too.

The Narwhals at a wedding // Personal photo

The first topic I'd like to discuss is on our premarital talks. Shortly after our engagement GM PB came to visit from Thunder Bay with his wife and adorable daughter. It was such a great visit, and we had lots of chats about planning the wedding and marriage.

One thing they told us they really appreciated during their wedding planning was the premarital counselling they had to do with their church. It was an opportunity to discuss some important topics, but was also really affirming for them as well.

I told Mr. Narwhal that I actually had wished we could do something like that, because it would great to have those important conversations. Instead of going to counselling, I went to Google and ended up finding just what I was looking for from Dr. Jim Walkup's website (a marriage counsellor in Manhattan).

He provided a list of things to talk about that were in the realm of what we wanted to discuss. The list was broken into 12 topics and 75 questions to talk about together. We ended up covering the questions over the course of two evenings, and I have to say, they were amazing conversations. I decided to share this on the blog because for any other soon-to-be newlyweds out there wanting to do something similar. The breakdown of the topics included:

  • Meaning of Marriage and Commitment 
  • Your Life Long Goals
  • Your Mutual Expectations
  • Your Living Arrangements
  • Children
  • Money
  • Parents
  • Gender Roles
  • Intimacy
  • Conflicts 
  • Spiritual Life
  • Extramarital Relationships 

Many of the topics were affirming conversations. It was good to cover and evaluate what we knew already. In an open forum we solidified things we already knew, and managed to still learn things about one another.

I know that for some, these kind of discussions might be redundant or eye-roll worthy, but from our perspective they were definitely worth it.

The best thing that came from our chats was a new dinner time ritual. While discussing children and the values that were important to us to pass down, I told Mr. Narwhal that I would love for us to start a tradition with our children where we would share gratitude for the day while we ate dinner. We aren't religious, but I really appreciate the intention of giving thanks before a meal. Beyond saying we were grateful for our meal, I wanted us to share the big and small things we were grateful for that day, and on a larger scale.

Fun fact: I have a gratitude tattoo on my inner left forearm. // Personal photo

Instead of waiting for children, we decided we wanted to start the practice right away. I can say this has been one of the most amazing things we have done for our relationship. Rather than just doing a drive by synopsis of our day at the dinner table, we talk about what made us feel grateful. It's really great to share such positivity over a meal. Not only do we learn about each other's day through our sharing, it also gives us an opportunity to be appreciative of one another for the little things, those things that often go unsaid.

Did you and your fiance go to premarital counselling? 
What kind of traditions have you started together?

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Narwhal Registry - Part Two

I love registries. While Mr. Narwhal and I tend to stick with cash for the wedding gift, I always make a point to buy off of the registry for a shower. This is actually been a point of debate between Momma Narwhal and I for years. She likes the element of surprise when gifting, and I argue that when you're dealing with many gifts, it's nice to be able to contribute towards something versus getting a gift that might not fit into the couple's home. Unless you know someone really well, I personally think it's always safe to err on the side of registry.

As soon as we got engaged, I started keeping track of things that I wanted to register for on our traditional registry. I knew my bridesmaids were planning on throwing me a shower, and we definitely had our share of things that needed upgrading. Hello university towels, I'm looking at you.

I was very excited for the day that Mr. Narwhal and I would get our hands on that scanner gun.  He wasn't exactly comfortable with the idea of a registry saying we didn't need anything. I kept telling him we only get married once, and the registry is a guide that guests appreciate, and we would only be register for things we would use, and things that arguably needed to be replaced.

My issue leading up to registering was where. To my American bee friends, you seriously do not realize how good you have it! In the small town circle, it basically comes down to The Bay or Sears. In terms of options The Bay certainly has the monopoly in this situation, and after endless research, we too settled on The Bay.

Mr. Narwhal and I planned to do our registry when we were in Barrie for the day while Nelson had a scheduled operation (poor Nelson lost his manhood that day). We had an entire day to spend in Barrie waiting for Nelson so it was the perfect day for it. I made an appointment at The Bay at the Georgian Mall, and we met up with our consultant Nora. Nora was pretty great, she explained the basics of the registry, what was recommended and handed over the scanner gun.

Sulky cone guy // Personal photo

We had a pretty set list of what we were going to register for, not to be swayed by the suggestions of registering for a ton of things we didn't need. Mr. Narwhal was right, our home functions pretty well with what we have, and we would be registering for things that were in serious need of an upgrade, or things that would be really nice to have and would be used a lot.

Our scanning experience was fun, but also not exactly as fun as I was hoping. Mr. Narwhal and I had a great time together, and we registered for some of our list, but the store didn't have everything we were looking for, and after a couple of hours we certainly lost steam and were in serious need of a meal.

Note: we ended up choosing other cutlery // Personal Photo
Mr. Narwhal the scan gun pro // Personal photo

The Bay's registry site is quite outdated in terms of ease and efficiency, and we were left with finding a good portion of our list online. After going through our registry initially we realized that it was pretty skewed in the $12-$30 range, with one or two items priced item at the time was $200.

This is when I realized that I too, wasn't very comfortable with the whole traditional registry process. It was so hard to ask for something high quality, when I've been managing just fine with inexpensive/mediocre quality items for so long. After a pep talk from MOH L and Cass, they explained that people like guidance, and I should stop worrying so much about the cost, and register for the high-quality items that will last us for many many years to come. People would buy what they felt comfortable with buying.

So after many hours navigating The Bay site, our registry is basically done. I'll file that one under wedding planning things caused a surprising amount of stress. In the spirit of ending things on a high note, I thought I would share the items we prioritized and are most excited about on our registry.

New Linens 
Most of our sheets are quite old, and all of our towels have definitely seen better days. We registered for the Hotel Collection in Mercury for our towels. 

Image from The Bay

With the exception, we have to sweep our floor 2-3 times a day to keep up with Nelson the dirt tracker. Basically a Roomba would change our life. 

Image from The Bay

Espresso Machine 
As coffee lovers, this would be a very welcomed addition to our home. We registered for a Breville Cafe Roma Espresso Maker. 

Image from The Bay

All the Kitchen Gadgets
Since  I love cooking and trying new recipes and Mr. Narwhal likes to eat them, we were both pretty excited to register for a variety of kitchen gadgets. It took me about two months before I could stomach putting anything Le Creuset on the registry.

Image from The Bay

Did you struggle with making a registry? What was the best thing you registered for?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

So Appetizing

I interrupt this regularly scheduled dry subject matter of registries to talk about food. Warning: do not read this post if you are hungry (I probably shouldn't be writing it when I'm hungry either).

I mentioned before that our style of wedding was being modelled after my cousins wedding I attended back in 2007. Without turning this post into a sad story, that cousin passed away very recently in a tragic accident. So it is with pride (and a heavy heart), that I model our wedding timeline/style after his, and now I will be thinking of him and the wonderful memories I have from his and his wife's beautiful wedding on our own wedding night.

Bridesman J, Myself and Bridesman TLW at our cousins wedding circa 2007* / Personal photo

We last left off with some details about how we plan to serve appetizer style foods immediately following the ceremony, followed by waves of food the remainder of the evening.

This week we met with our caterer to talk food. We met at our house and initially took the trek up to our wedding reception area to give her a visual of where the whole thing is going down. Before we got back to the house the ideas were bubbling over and we were quickly making our way to our kitchen table to write them down.

We told Vanessa that while we would be encouraging our guests to eat a light dinner before our ceremony, we didn't want to assume everyone will have eaten. We want to make sure there will be a meals worth of food available throughout the evening to ensure everyone is well fed. Have you met us Canadians? We know how to party. And partying means that we need full bellies and lots of food available.

After a bit of brainstorming over similar events she has done in the past and what Vanessa felt would work well at our wedding, this is what we landed on.

Vanessa has a small tent that she can bring to the wedding to set up beside our main tent and between the two, we will have three food stations.

The first will be our station of cookies, sweets and snacks in the main tent. This station will be done mainly by us. Mr. Narwhal's mom is baking all of the cookies, and we'll buy lots of snacks in bulk the week of the wedding.

Photo from Found Vintage Rentals // Photo by Jessica Claire

The second station will be our "always available" food station. This will have things like veggies and a gourmet cheese platter. Because, yum. The idea behind the first two stations is always having food readily available to nibble on.

Photo from Green Wedding Shoes // Photo by Shutter Sam Photography

The third station, the most important one, will be in the second tent. It'll be the catering headquarters, but also where the best of the food will be housed. Immediately following the ceremony the station will be set up with a shredded chicken taco station. Basically all the fixings you can imagine (along with a bean option with the vegetarians). Yes that includes guacamole, and it isn't extra. Later in the evening (around 10:30pm**) there will be a baked potato station, also with all the fixings you can imagine.

Photo from Santa Barbara Wedding Style // Photo by Ashleigh Taylor Photography

Also in the mix will be the served appetizers which we're still sorting out, but will be in the realms of sliders, mac and cheese and corn on the cob. We need to sort out the numbers, and our vision. Vanessa will also be taking care of all of our non-alcoholic beverages including coffee, tea and a non-alcoholic punch.

I'm feeling a lot of relief that we finally have the food planning underway, and now we just have to solidify the extra appetizers!

What's your favourite appetizer? 

*I should note that guests wore black and white, and the bride wore a red dress. To this day, it is the best wedding I've ever been to!
** I have had several comments about our wedding being until 1:00am, and how most people will not stay that late. In Canada, it's pretty standard for weddings to end at 1:00am, and I personally don't think I've ever left before 12:30am at a wedding! Our bus will be hired for the evening and make runs until everyone has been safely transported to their destination.

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Narwhal Registry - Part One

Now that I've shared with you all our Honeymoon plans, it's a good segue into our discussing our wedding registry.

Mr. Narwhal and I have been living together for over two years now, own our home and for the most part we have the essentials. While we do have a traditional registry we are keeping it limited to things that are in desperate need of upgrading.

So, like many before us we decided to set up a honeymoon registry for our wedding. Honeymoon registries were certainly a topic of great debate in the past; however, I personally think that they are becoming more and more acceptable. Many couples have established homes by the time they get married nowadays, and the need for a large registry to fill an entire home is no longer there.

Sidenote: Since our honeymoon is a road trip and this post might be on the dry side, all photos are personal and of Nelson, who loves a good road trip (although is not invited on this one ;))

A blurry pic of Nelson's first roadtrip home - so little!!

While a honeymoon registry is a glorified way of asking for cash, we decided we would much rather have a fund where guests could feel like they are contributing to our honeymoon than having a small registry and letting them "take the hint". As wedding guests Mr. Narwhal and I typically give cash gifts. I do know that if there was a fund for a honeymoon we would love to be able to gift a couple money to help towards something specific on their trip of a lifetime, whether it be a massage, meal or funds to get them there.

 Those paws! (Insert heart face)

When it came to the how of making the registry happen, I did my share of research on different sites, and we landed on Honeyfund for a platform. We are really committed to making sure whatever we register for actually happens, so when planning our fund, we broke the registry down into major categories and major locations throughout the trip. We didn't want to be so specific that if we end up taking a detour we won't feel like we aren't fulfilling something we asked for.

We kept a wide range of price points from $25-$350, and to the following "themes":

Car Rental and Gas
One of the biggest costs of our trip is the car rental and the gas of driving down the West coast. We combined both the rental and an approximate cost of gas for the trip (because who wants to give the gift of gas?)

Meals in Major Cities
We have broken down meal options to specific cities, as well as some broad in nature meals for wherever we need to stop.

Hotels and B&B's
We are going to stay at a few hotels and B&B's along the way. We're using Airbnb for bed and breakfasts, and will also be camping for a majority of the nights. We are both huge fans of camping, and are incredibly excited to pitch our tent in some beautiful spots along the coast and in Yosemite. Our fund only covers the hotels and B&B locations we know we will be stopping at.

We also have a few experience-based options for our guests can contribute to, like Yosemite park passes, tickets to Disney and passes to the Integratron in Joshua Tree.

Nelson isn't a fan of car washes.

We already have our flights booked and paid for, so going on our trip isn't dependent on our registry. We just love the idea of going on our honeymoon after having just seen all of our friends and family at the wedding, and then being able to know that our Aunt and Uncle paid for our first night in Seattle, or our friends helped contribute to our car rental. Maybe it's just the sap in me, but I honestly get all emotional thinking about how much more special our honeymoon will feel knowing that our friends and family supported our first adventure as a married couple.

Are you having a honeymoon registry? How did you organize it?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Narwhal Honeymoon

Now that I'm in a bit of planning lull, I have some other details to share with you all. Melt snow, melt! Today's post is one detail of wedding planning that has been heavy on my mind lately, as I am growing quite tired of the winter. Having just returned from my last trip to the North this past weekend (which was the absolute nuttiest trip I've ever been on!), I think it's time to talk honeymoon details.

Narwhal in the land of Narwhal's // personal photo

You might remember that we had very briefly dreamed of a California elopement before Mr. Narwhal and I dived into planning our actual wedding. What you don't know about us though, is that California was a very frequent thing Mr. Narwhal and I talked about in the early days of conversing. A strong desire to visit the redwoods was something we bonded over, and we always knew that one day we would have to go together. 

Last summer we were sitting around a bonfire in our yard chatting and poking the coals. Somehow the conversation of our one day honeymoon (this was pre-engagement) came up, and I asked, "Where would we go?" Fully knowing the answer, Mr. Narwhal said, "California." 

An idea was born, and after a few discussions our honeymoon transformed from a Yosemite trip to a West coast adventure. Go big, or stay home, am I right?!

While the plans are still loose in nature, we do know there will be major stops along the way. 

Image from Luxury Hotels Seattle

Olympic National Forest

Image by Kevin McNeal Photography


Map from Carol Mendel Map's

Highway 101/1

Image from UDC Tours

San Francisco 

Image from USA Today // Image by Union Street Inn


Image by Bradley Burquest

Los Angeles

Image from Los Angeles Times

Beaches Beaches Beaches

Image from City of Huntington Beach

Over the course of two weeks, we're doing it all! Our honeymoon will combine many of our favourite things rolled into one: hot weather, road trips, nature, hiking, camping, beaches and time spent together celebrating our new marriage.
Where does your dream honeymoon take you?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

do me a favour

Coming to a decision on our favours was a long process. I have been to enough weddings to hit some of the popular trends out there (edibles, engraved, donations in lieu of and photo booth photos).

I knew I wanted something that thought of our guests and fit into our wedding. 

I honestly thought I had it figured out right away. Mr. Narwhal and I love coffee. As I write this post I have my favourite coffee brewing.  Mr. Narwhal drinks more cups of coffee than he'd like to admit in a day. Huntsville is also home to Muskoka Roastery, which roasts some seriously good coffee (favourites are Lumberjack and Black Bear). We both felt that a package of coffee for our guests would be a cute little favour that represented us well. 

Muskoka Roastery's wedding favour // Image from Muskoka Roastery 

The more I thought about this one though, I felt like we weren't thinking about a lot of our guests. Not everyone drinks coffee and for the cost of getting everyone one pots worth of coffee, it just didn't seem worth it. I was having visions of 40 leftover bags following the wedding. 

After I nixed the coffee, we were back to the drawing board.

I thought about us making something. It would be really cost effective and thoughtful to gift our guests with something we made like coasters.

tree cookie coasters  //  Image from Refunked Junkies

While potentially cute, these wouldn't fit everyones decor and the tree cookie felt a little too overdone.

Next, I thought about plants of sorts. Every Spring, our house is taken over by plants everywhere. Mr. Narwhal and I get a little crazy getting our garden ready and every window is lined with shelves filled with tomato seedlings, peppers, herbs and you name it's ready for the frost warning to go away. Since our wedding is at the end of the Summer, I figured we could grow some cute herbs for everyone.

cuteness overload // Image from Wed Loft

Mr. Narwhal gave me a big "NO" on this ambitious idea and he was right. While cute, it would be uber stressful to keep these plants alive. So, I started thinking of other plant ideas. Plant a tree? Plant flowers?

more cuteness // Image from Ruffled 
I was actually pretty sold on this idea. It fit our wedding well, they would be cost-effective and really cute. The problem? Not everyone would plant the flowers. While they would likely say "Oh, cute!" I didn't feel convinced that everyone would feel like this was thinking of them and thanking them for their attendance.

One thing I was pretty set on for our wedding was having a small basket of blankets for our guests to have access to in the event that it got chilly outside. When I started researching wholesale blankets... that's when we figured it out!

blankets! // Image from Offbeat Bride // Image by Angelica Peady

Instead of getting favours and providing a few blankets, I decided to combine the two and get a blanket for every couple/single guest. In my mind you can never have enough blankets, they can be used for picnics, your car, your couch, extra guests, the possibilities seem endless! So, the decision was made. My aunt has volunteered to sew tags with our names and wedding date to the blankets we are ordering.

When the Canadian dollar started to drop pretty drastically my original blanket idea started to unravel. Ordering online (from an American site) wasn't looking too smart on our end. I was worried we would be back to the drawing board again, when MOH Cass saved the day.

She found blankets at IKEA for 2.99 each, and even went and picked them up for us! Maid of honour to the rescue! She's the best!

personal photo

While I know the edible favour is the popular can't go wrong choice, we'll have plenty of snacks available to make up for it.

We ordered tags to sew on to each blankets and will tie them up with some twine and a thank-you label.

How did you decide on your favours? 

Monday, March 9, 2015

before and after questionnaire: the before

I decided it was high time for me to join in the before and after the wedding questionnaire series that Mrs. Border Collie and Mrs. Barn started. It's always interesting to take a look into the bride brain and see where things are lining up for the big day. I also am equally as interested in seeing how I look at these things after our wedding!

For fun, I decided to let Mr. Narwhal in on the discussion. I didn't share my responses with him until after. His responses are generally short because I asked him interview-style. It was definitely interesting to crack open the groom brain on this one too!

Unless noted otherwise, all images courtesy of Isos Photography  

What's your biggest priority for the wedding?
Miss Narwhal: I think that our biggest priority for the wedding has been creating a day that made sense to us. I think of our wedding day as a celebration of our love surrounded by our most favourite people in the world. I'm spending a lot of my time and energy planning a short ceremony that is reflective of us as a couple, and to me it's the most important part of the day.

When planning our budget, our biggest priorities and splurges were photography (the memories) and the band (the experience).

Mr. Narwhal: For everybody that's there to enjoy their time. At the end of the day, I think the wedding is about your guests, obviously we're getting married but the point of having an actual wedding is the people that join you.

What's your biggest concern for the day?
Miss Narwhal: I don't even want to say that four letter word... but rain. Not only am I worried about it on the day of, but in the last couple of weeks leading up to the wedding. I don't want it to be mucky, or us to be slowed down in planning/putting everything together. I have to stop writing about this before I have a panic attack. The wedding would go on, but the wedding vibe would certainly change. We have lots of "if the weather forecast says..." plans since it definitely could happen.

Mr. Narwhal: I don't want it to rain. I don't even want to say that. I don't really have any concerns, I'm too excited to be concerned. Everything will work out how it's supposed to.

What DIY project do you care about the most?
Miss Narwhal: In the very beginning I would have said our tree photo project, but after dress shopping and deciding to make take on my own sash - my sash.

Mr. Narwhal: Grooming our property and getting the area ready for the wedding.

What's your worst wedding-related nightmare?
Miss Narwhal: I'm not much a vivid dreamer. I know I have them occasionally, but they aren't frequent. Most of them involve not being ready for the wedding.

Mr. Narwhal: I haven't had any.

Do you think you're going to eat?
Miss Narwhal: Yes, because of the nature of how we're doing food, I will definitely nibble/graze throughout the night. At least I know I will eat at the rehearsal breakfast.

Mr. Narwhal: Yes, 100P.

What picture do you think you have to have?
Miss Narwhal: I really want to capture an amazing first look. It's definitely a priority shot of mine. I spend a lot of time thinking about how the heck we'll pull off the perfect set up to capture the best shot of Mr. Narwhal's face when we have our first look. I have a photo of Father Narwhal that is from his first look of Momma Narwhal when she walked down the aisle. It's just the most special photo ever. I seriously die.

Father Narwhal // personal photo

Mr. Narwhal: I really want to get a picture of me and my Grandad. (Miss Narwhal side note: this was incredibly sweet to hear, his Grandad hasn't been in the best health and we really hope he can make it from Thunder Bay to the wedding.)

What are you looking forward to the most?
Miss Narwhal: Being surrounded by our most favourite people in the world. What an incredible opportunity to celebrate our relationship and commit our lives to one another in front of the people we love most. I just think about saying our vows and seeing all of those people watching us and then have flashes of us all dancing under the stars (note: clear sky) listening to music and having so much fun.

Mr. Narwhal: The band and the reception. The music and visiting with everyone.

What do you think your guests will enjoy the most?
Miss Narwhal: Can I say everything? Just knowing our guests, I know that it's going to be such a fun wedding and they'll love the vibe we create. I know they'll cry during the ceremony, and laugh during the speeches. I also know that many many people will have serious hangovers the next day.

Mr. Narwhal:  For sure I think they'll just enjoy the whole vibe. The music and being in the forest.

What do you plan on doing after the wedding?
Miss Narwhal: Okay, I first filled this survey out many moons ago and my original answer was that I really thought we'd just take the minute walk and stay in our own bed.

Now, I'm thinking that I would like to escape. We had a very difficult time securing a room block (more on that soon), and now that it's mainly sorted, I think we'll get a room. I just want to be able to leave and if some individuals decide to stay around the fire well into the early morning I never have to know about it.

Mr. Narwhal: Wherever we end up, we will probably just be so excited to talk about the day and spend some time to ourselves. I just know we'll be really happy.

Do you and your fiance share the same priorities for your wedding day?